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Ruby Red

Ruby Red

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Embrace the fiery energy of Red Agate in this stunning two-piece bracelet and matching necklace set. Each bracelet features 14mm Red Agate beads, known for their ability to inspire confidence and revitalization, complemented by a striking Agate focal piece that commands attention. Hematite accents infuse the ensemble with balance and grounding, while pave embellishments add a luxurious sparkle. The coordinating necklace completes the set with a harmonious blend of Agate nuggets and pave details, creating a bold statement of style and vitality. This set not only adorns the body but also energizes the spirit, making it a perfect gift or personal indulgence.

Fits up to size 7 3/4

Colors may vary, as no two stones are exactly alike, the stones may appear to be different than the picture. Photos have been enlarged.

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