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Pink in Love

Pink in Love

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 We believe that love is a multifaceted concept that can be expressed in many different ways. One of these ways is through the color pink. Pink is a warm and inviting color that is often associated with feelings of love and affection. It is a color that can evoke emotions of tenderness, compassion, and kindness.

When we think of love and the color pink, we often think of soft and delicate objects like roses, hearts, and ribbons. These symbols represent the gentle and nurturing aspects of love, and they remind us of the importance of caring for those we cherish.

But love is not just about being soft and gentle. It can also be bold and passionate. Pink can be a vibrant and exciting color that represents the excitement and energy of falling in love. It can symbolize the heart-pounding feeling of being swept off your feet and the thrill of embarking on a new adventure with someone you care about.

16mm Agates, Pave, and Hematite

4 pc set 

Fits up to size 7 1/2

Colors may vary, as no two stones are exactly alike, the stones may appear to be different than the picture. Photos have been enlarged.

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