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Strenght and Serenity

Strenght and Serenity

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Discover the potent blend of beauty and symbolism with our Red Jade bracelet set. This captivating 3-piece set features 14mm beads of Red Jade, a stone cherished for its connection to vitality and passion. Each bracelet is enhanced by an Agate focal point, highlighting the natural elegance and unique patterns of the stone. The inclusion of a Pave Ankh charm adds a profound layer of meaning, symbolizing eternal life and spiritual insight. Coupled with the grounding properties of Hematite, these bracelets offer both a stunning appearance and a nurturing touch to your spirit. Ideal for anyone seeking to balance energy with aesthetics, this set serves as a powerful reminder of life's depth and richness.

Fits up to size 7 3/4

Colors may vary, as no two stones are exactly alike, the stones may appear to be different than the picture. Photos have been enlarged.

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